024/366 – Let it melt…

Our winter blast is over.  Power was lost and found again.  The snow is melting, but the black ice will appear overnight.  I guess it could be worse, we could live in the North East…

Anyway, a snap from my iPhone 6 – still amazed at the photo quality you can get from a phone these days.


023/366 – Ice Ice Baby

The winter storm has descended upon the Carolina’s.  Lots of ice with a layer of snow on top of it.  Unfortunately, the Birch tree in the front yard didn’t fair very well.  It will be interesting to see how lopsided it is in the Spring…



I woke up to a surprise today.  That four letter word that instills panic to North Carolinians…  Snow.



The first full week back at work has been ROUGH.  It honestly feels more like December 46th that January 15th.  Therefore, beer…  Guinness Nitro IPA.  Quite tasty.


014/366 – Fail

Damnit, I missed this one today.  Just too much going on yesterday, so here’s a picture of a cat to make up for it.