iPad 4 Review

I finally broke down and made a new Apple purchase this past weekend. I have been wanting to update my two year old IPad 2 for some time now. I had the 16 Gig version, and had run out of room on it along time ago. As I just got my bonus from work, I decided to treat myself, so I made a quick run to WalMart and picked one up. The guy at the counter looked at me funny when I said I was going to open it up right there to make sure it wasn't a piece of tile in the box…


I picked up a black 32 Gig iPad 4 (technically the “iPad with Retina Screen,” and I have to say, I am blown away by the screen. Putting the two machines side by side, the iPad 2 screen looks like crap. The text is crisp and beautiful, and it is so much nicer to read on. I never even considered the white model, as I think the white bezel makes the screen look smaller. I feel very justified in the purchase, especially since I recouped almost 50% of the purchase price of the new one by selling the iPad 2. They hold their resale value extremely well, as most Apple products tend to do.

My usage of the iPad is mostly along the lines of a consumption device. I do not create art or music with it, as I have neither artistic nor musical talent. I do like to lay in bed or on the couch and read, surf, or watch videos with it. For these reasons, the retina screen makes a world of difference. Just as the transition to the retina screen on the iPhone makes it hard to look at a 3Gs anymore, I would have a hard time using the old iPad anymore, even after only a few days of use.

All of the apps I use on a daily basis have been updated to support the retina screen. My regular go-to apps are:

  • Alien blue
  • Zite
  • Flipboard
  • News 360
  • Goodreader
  • Tweetbot
  • Facebook

Despite the faster processor and increased RAM in the new iPad, I do not really notice any appreciable performance increase. Again, this may be due to my main usage of it as a consumption device. I do not game on the iPad, or anywhere else as it happens. I have just installed iPhoto and iMovie, so I will delve into some creation projects shortly and see how it works.

All told, I am really happy with the iPad 4.

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