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While browsing one of my favorite Mac App sites, MacUpdate, I came across a link to a YouTube video downloader that I thought would be vest useful. It is called iTubeDownloader, and it is created by The premise of the app is that it is a simple to use video downloader for YouTube video’s. Both of my kids like to watch silly videos, and sometimes the internet connection here isn’t that great. So here was a good opportunity to let them create their own personal “cache” of videos.

The app was advertised as “it just works,” so I figured I’d give it a shot…


So, I pasted in the URL from Chrome, and low and behold, it didn’t quite live up to the claims of the author. The video my daughter wanted to download, “Radioactive” by The Imagine Dragons, would not work. All I got was an error message. I tried it a few times, tried the embed code, and nothing worked. In fact, I could not get any link to work.

At this point, I thought I would provide feedback to the author. Keep in mind that this software is not labeled as Alpha or Beta, so my assumption this is release code. So I left this review:



My comment clearly states that I tried using the main YouTube link, and even tried an alternative “embed” link to see if it works. If a tool has one use, and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t get a 5/5 rating. The last statement felt positive to me, but apparently I hurt the feelings of the 14yr who wrote the software and at least one of his friends.



Thanks for spoiling my high rating? Really? I tried your software, and it didn’t live up to your high praise. To top it off, the authors “buddy” bbw7 then jumps in and throws the blame card at me. Which OS am I using it with? I’m using OSX ML 10.8.2, but there are no specific OS requirements listed. Most people aren’t geeks who care about what version of an OS they are running. They just want things to work. Yep, it must be me since it doesn’t work on any of my three Macs. I really don’t care what the author feels, and he better get used to receiving criticism, as most customers don’t give good feedback when things don’t work as advertised. That is called “life.”

So, move the clock forward an hour, which we just did last night, and I see that a new version of the app was released with minor bug fixes. It also appears to have a completely new UI, so I thought I’d give it another shot. Well, here is the result…



Invalid URL! The screenshot clearly shows that I am capable of copying and pasting the correct link directly from Chrome into the app, and it still doesn’t “just work.” Sorry Sonee.

In the meantime, I searched around and found an alternative. It is called MacTubes, and it does “just work.” I have installed it on both of the kids Macs, and blocked the YouTube website, so they cannot see the nasty language that is in the comments of most videos. As you can see, it had no problems with the same video.


I give MacTubes a 5/5 and iTubedownloader a 1/5.


And to the author, keep on trying. I applaud your efforts in Objective C programming. At 14, you are doing a great job. But, if you cannot handle a single piece of negative feedback, I highly recommend you stay FAR FAR away from the Mac App Store, as it will be BRUTAL… Never throw arrows back at your customers, because in these modern times, we all have our soap boxes to stand on and shout.


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